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■10th Space glass Web lottery sales
Application Period : February 7 12:00 time (JST) - February 12 12:00 time (JST)
Send Result Mail:February 17(JST)

■9th Space glass Web lottery sales result
We announced the lottery result by e-mail to January 20 (JST).
Please confirm.
-We have also sent a rejected e-mail to those who were disapproved.
-A mail from lottery selling system to customers using g-mail, an event
that happens to be in the spam mail folder has occurred from last year.
If there is something that you can not receive mail, Please check spam mail folder.

■About lottery
Lottery is done every work.If more than one work has been submitted at the same time , you can purchase only the winning work.
Winning probability is the same in the case that have been submitted and one point if it is at the same time apply to multiple work.

■Caution and of problems that can not receive mail from our company in the e-mail address has occurred.
If you are using the e-mail address of the target will be asked to change their e-mail address.
Lottery How to apply

Please be sure to check before application.

Flow of lottery sales How to apply
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