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Details on delivery areas outside Japan

EMS:Express Mail Service by Japan Post Service
Asia India(Available for some areas) Details
Indonesia(All areas)
Rep. of Korea(All areas)
Cambodia(All areas)
Guam(All areas)
Saipan(All areas)
Singapore(All areas)
Thai(All areas)
Taiwan(All areas)
China(All areas)
Nepal(Available for some areas) Details
Pakistan(Available for some areas) Details
Philippines(Available for some areas) Details
Bhutan Details
Brunei(Available for some areas) Details
Vietnam(All areas)
Hong Kong(All areas)
Macao(All areas)
Malaysia(All areas)
Myanmar(Available for some areas) Details
Maldives(Available for some areas) Details
Mongolia(All areas)
Laos(All areas)
North&Central America USA(All areas)
However, the territories of American military bases with the three first digits of the postal codes being 090-098, 962-966, and 340 are excluded.
El Salvador(All areas)
Canada(All areas)
Cuba(All areas)
Costa Rica(All areas)
Jamaica(All areas)
Trinidad and Tobago(All areas)
Panama(All areas)
Barbados(All areas)
Mexico(All areas)
Oceania Australia(All regions)
The Christmas, Cocos (Keeling), Norfolk and Lord Howe Islands are excepted.
New Zealand(All regions)
The Ross Dependency (Antarctic zone extending along longitudes 160 east to 150 west, and terminating at latitude 60 south) is excepted.
Papua New Guinea(All areas)
Fiji(All areas)
Europe Iceland(All areas)
Ireland(All areas)
Azerbaijan(Available for some areas) Details
Italy(All areas)
Ukraine (All areas)
Except for Crimea and Sevastopol
United Kingdom(All areas)
Except for a British Overseas Territory
Estonia(All areas)
Austria(All areas)
Netherlands(All areas)
Greece(All areas)
Croatia(All areas)
Switzerland(All areas)
Sweden(All areas)
Spain(All areas)
Slovakia(All areas)
Slovenia(All areas)
Czech Republic(All areas)
Denmark(All areas)
Except for Greenland and the Faroe Islands
Germany(All areas)
Norway(All areas)
Hungary(All areas)
Finland(All areas)
France(All Territories) Details
Including Overseas Departments, but excluding Overseas Territories.
Bulgaria(All areas)
Belarus(All areas)
Belgium(All areas)
Poland(All areas)
Portugal(All areas)
Macedonia(All areas)
Malta(All areas)
Latvia(All areas)
Lithuania(All areas)
Luxembourg(All areas)
Romania(All areas)
Russian Federation(Available for some areas) Details
Middle East United Arab Emirates(All areas)
Israel(All areas)
Iran(All areas)
Qatar(All areas)
Cyprus(All areas)
Saudi Arabia(All areas)
Turkey(All areas)
Jordan(All areas)
Lebanon(All areas)
South America, Africa Argentina(All areas)
Uruguay(All areas)
Ecuador(All areas)
Colombia(All areas)
Chile(All areas)
Paraguay(All areas)
Brazil(All areas)
Venezuela(All areas)
Peru(All areas)

Algeria(All areas)
Uganda(All areas)
Egypt(All areas)
Ethiopia(All areas)
Ghana(All areas)
Gabon(Available for some areas)Details
Kenya(Available for some areas)Details
Senegal(All areas)
Tanzania(Available for some areas)Details
Tunisia(All areas)
Togo(All areas)
Botswana(Available for some areas)Details
Madagascar(Available for some areas)Details
Morocco(All areas)
Rwanda(All areas)