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Terms of Use

General Terms of Sale

List Price
・Prices do not include local tax. Any tax, any duty and other expenses required by law are to be paid by the customers.
 In addition, cost of shipping is not included.

Time of Finalization of Sales Contracts
・A sales contract is considered finalized when PlusAlpha sends
 the order confirmation e-mail to you.

Cancellation of Orders and Exchange and Return of Products
・Orders cannot be cancelled once the sales contract has been finalized.
・Products cannot be exchanged or returned after they have been delivered.
・In case there is a distinct defect in the product or a wrong product is shipped,
 PlusAlpha shall pay for the shipment of return and/or exchange of the product.

・PlusAlpha assumes no responsibility for defects in products sold,
 except as described in the previous section.

Other Notes
・The product photographs featured on this Web site depict the actual product.
 However, colors and other attributes may appear different when viewing the product through a computer monitor as compared to viewing the product directly.
・Please understand that we cannot be held responsible for delivery failure or garbled text in e-mail sent by us to you or sent by you to us.
・When multiple products are ordered at once and one or more items are out of stock,
 we may at its discretion delay shipment until all ordered products are ready.
・Products are shipped in standard export packaging designed to endure international shipping.
・We will assume responsibility for product damage or destruction caused by faulty packaging,
 but assumes no responsibility for accidents caused by mishandling of packages by the customer.
・Ownership of products is passed to the customer at the time products are transferred to the shipping company. However, we retain ownership of products until all associated costs are paid in full.
 Risk of loss or damage passes to the customer at the time products are transferred to the ocean or air freight carrier in Japan. The same applies for products shipped within Japan.
・We assume no responsibility for non-fulfillment or delay in fulfillment of product shipping or contract obligations due to war, civil strife, riots, labor disputes, epidemics, fire, floods, earthquakes, embargos, government order, or other circumstances beyond our control.

・All conflicts, disputes, and differences of opinion that may arise between parties regarding this contract or related matters and that cannot be settled by the parties themselves shall be finally settled through arbitration in Japan according to commercial arbitration rules of the International Commercial Arbitration Association.
 Judgments rendered by arbitrators are considered final and bindin for both parties.

Governing Law
・The finalization, validity, fulfillment, and construe of this contract are governed by the laws of Japan.

・This contract is effective as of March 1, 2016

PlusAlpha Co., Ltd.