Currency selection

Flow to purchase

The items can only be purchased by those who win the "lottery".

1. Application

Please access the site and apply during the lottery sales period.

2. Lottery

We will inform you the lottery results on the day the lottery results are announced by email. Winners will be notified of payment by email. Those who do not win will be notified of the lottery results by email without payment URL.

3. Payment and Shipping

If you receive the winning email, please pay by the payment deadline by the method described in the email. We will ship as soon as payment is confirmed.


  • We cannot receive mails from and you use e-mail address of those companies,we would like you to use different address.


Must look carefully the lottery regulations

  • One drawing can be accepted only once for each work.
    ※Even if you apply for more than one time, the winning probability will not rise.
  • Although it is possible to apply for multiple works by one person, canceling after winning will lower the probability of the next winning.
  1. After the lottery application period ends, we will send the lottery result within a week to your email address.
  2. We will contact the payment method with e-mail. Check it carefully.
  3. If payment can not be confirmed within one week, we will cancel it.

>The payment can be made only by credit cards. Delivery possible countries detail is Click here