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Privacy Policy

1.Declaration of Personal Information Protection

In offering customers secure, safe and reliable services, PlusAlpha (hereinafter “This Company”) has adopted a policy regarding handling of customers’ personal information (hereinafter “Personal Information”) and will strive for protecting Personal Information appropriately.

2.Personal Information Protection Policy

  1. This Company observes the Personal Information Protection Law of Japan, rules on privacy in communications stipulated in the Telecommunications Business Law, and other relevant laws and regulations.
  2. This Company observes Guidelines for the Protection of Personal Information in the Telecommunications Business Field (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications Report No. 695, August 31, 2004).
  3. This Company shall appropriately manage Personal Information handled.
  4. All employed by This Company shall protect every kind of Personal Information about members, etc., and fulfill their expectations.
  5. This Company shall take necessary and appropriate safety control measures in order to prevent the risk of unauthorized access to information, as well as the loss, falsification and leakage of information, and shall strive for improvement of such measures.

3.Handling of Personal Information

  1. Specifying of purpose of use
    Personal Information such as name, address, phone number(s) This Company obtains from members is used for the following purposes: Rendering of the This Company’s services; verification of member identity; billing; customer service; notification of change, suspension or discontinuation of This Company’s services, etc.; notification of other services This Company offers; informing members of various upcoming events and campaigns.
  2. Disclosure of Personal Information
    Upon verification of member identity, This Company shall swiftly accommodate requests from members for disclosure or correction, etc., of Personal Information about them.
  3. Use and disclosure of Personal Information
    This Company obtains members' Personal Information to the extent necessary to render services, uses and discloses such information within the scope of the stated purpose of use.
  4. Disclosure to third parties
    This Company uses Personal Information within the scope of the stated purpose of use and manages it appropriately. This Company shall never disclose or give Personal Information to third parties without informing to whom the information belongs of the purpose of use and obtaining consent from the individual to disclosure. However, This Company may form an exception to the rule if disclosure of information is requested by public agencies such as government and/or police, or in the event This Company deems such disclosure necessary for the protection of human life, human health or property.
  5. Inquiries concerning Personal Information
    Members are asked to direct inquiries concerning their Personal Information held by This Company or This Company’s handling of such information to the (email address) below. Email address for personal information inquiries: